It is our endeavour to give special service to our customers in that we will forward your requirements as efficiently as is possible. To assist us to provide and maintain this service, we require your co-operation in adhering to our terms of trading as outlined below. There are also a number of legal obligations that need to be met so please read everything below carefully.
All prices on our quotations are in AUD and are exclusive of GST unless otherwise noted.
If the quotation states that the prices are based on a particular exchange rate then we reserve the right to adjust the price in accordance with the relevant exchange rate at the time of invoicing.
Availability of goods at the quoted prices is subject to change if stock is sold prior to being purchased.

Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

Occasionally goods, data and other items that relate to your quotation may be subject to Government import / export restrictions with severe penalties for infringement. For details please see the section below titled Import / Export Restrictions.
We require your official order number if your company policy deems that this is mandatory. We also require a delivery address for the despatch of the goods, together with a billing address for your invoice, and your preferred method of despatch (with freight account number if you are using your own receiver-pays transport method). We also require the contact details of the person placing the order.
You must contact us for authorization of a return before returning goods for credit.
Claims for shortages or incorrect goods received must be made within ten (10) days from certified receipt date.
Goods which are not normally carried as stock items, and/or have been ordered specially at a customer’s request may not be accepted for return.
Goods returned for credit must be in original packing, undamaged, unused and delivered FIS to Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd with details of invoice or a packing slip.
Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd will not accept inwards freight charges on goods returned unless we have authorized their return and the goods are returned by our nominated means of transport.
A restocking fee of at least 25% may be applied at the discretion or Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd for any goods accepted back for credit. We will advise you before any such fee is applied.
Orders are firm and not subject to cancellation except when authorisation is signed by a representative of Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. A cancellation fee of at least 25% may be applied at the discretion of Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. We will advise you before any such fee is applied.
If you opt to use one of our sender-pays transport methods, a one-off charge per order (assuming total weight is less than 5kg) will be made and the choice of delivery method will be at our discretion (unless otherwise arranged with you).
If you wish to use your own receiver-pays transport method, the total cost and payment of the freight will be your responsibility.

Delivered goods are regarded as accepted (see Returns). A schedule of current delivery charges is available on request.
Where applicable, 30 days after End of Month (30EOM) credit account payments are due strictly at or before 30 Days after the end of the invoice month. Failure to pay within these terms may automatically stop further shipments until the situation is rectified. 30EOM accounts are traditionally established for mutual convenience and will be reviewed periodically. If an account does not comply with our terms and conditions of trading or is uneconomical to maintain, it may be closed, however it will still be possible to purchase via PayPal, credit card or direct deposit.
Non-account payments can be made by PayPal, credit card or direct deposit. The credit cards that we accept are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
The property of the goods agreed to be sold will only pass to the purchaser when the purchaser has met all indebtedness to Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd and has either duly taken delivery of the goods or the goods have been delivered in accordance with the purchaser’s order. If the goods are sold by the purchaser prior to payment thereof and if they should become constituents of other goods, then the proceeds thereof shall become the property of Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.
1) Restrictions on exports by the Australian Government:

Some Defence related items are subject to export restrictions by the Australian government however very few of our products come under this category so the majority do not require an Australian Government export licence.

For the full list of restricted items please see the Australian Government's Defence Export Control Office (DECO) website.

Also the Australian Government lists a small number of embargoed countries on the Australian Customs website.

If you are considering purchasing an Australian Government export controlled item you need to research the Australian Government restrictions on these items and become aware of the significant penalties for infringement of these regulations.
No breach by the customer of any of these terms and conditions shall be taken to have been waived or released by Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd unless such waiver is in writing signed by a Director of Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd or an appointed representative. No waiver by Phase 3 Connectors Asia Pacific Pty Ltd of any breach hereunder will be deemed a waiver of any continuing or recurring breach.
Please advise your accounts, purchasing, stores, and any other relevant staff of these terms and conditions of trading.
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