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Phase 3 Connectors Ltd. is a British manufacturer of industrial power connections and devices for industries including power generation, electricity networks, temporary power, events and defence. Phase 3 is the creator of the renowned ‘Powersafe’ and ‘Showsafe’ brands from headquarters in Merseyside, England and a production facility in Fife, Scotland.
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Power Connector Manufacturer

What are power connectors?

Power connectors are the plugs and sockets used for connecting an electrical device and a power source. There are two main types of power connector – residential and industrial. Plugs carry either AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) and AC connections allow a device to be connected directly to an electrical supply. Phase 3 Powersafe connectors are the leading solution for high-current AC and DC power.
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Powerlock Connectors

Phase 3’s Powersafe high current connectors are fully-compatible with other manufacturers like ITT Litton Veam Powerlock for industrial use. The Powersafe series is based on a standard format as utilised in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia by temporary power industries. Powerlock type devices are mechanically keyed and identified by wiring colour coding standards and are therefore considered the safest industry device. High-current single-pole and three-phase plugs and sockets are available within the range for AC/DC circuits. Phase 3’s range also includes bimetal connectors for industrial applications using aluminium cables.
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Phase 3's History

We've come a long way since 2007, Here's a breakdown of our companies milestones.
Phase 3's Timeline
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