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Powering Events of the World, Safely

November 9, 2020

What do we produce?  
At Phase 3 Connectors we produce single pole Powerlock connectors.  

Our products are used for high current electrical application and assemblies all over the world and our industrial power plugs can be used for single phase and three phase applications up to 800A. 

Plus, our Powerlock connectors provide a secure coupling of plug and socket through an innovative mechanical locking system that engages with a simple release key. This means our Powerlock single pole connectors cannot be mismatched or disconnected accidentally.  

What are they used for? 
As well as being used in major sporting events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and Royal Ascot, our single pole Powerlock connectors have shown their versatility outside of the sporting world.  

Phase 3 Connectors has supplied electrical connectors to projects from Antarctic exploration to mining applications, from rural power outages to power support operations. Get in touch and find out how we can help meet your electrical connector needs. 
Where do our products go? 
One of our proudest achievements is being able to know where our connectors go. Phase 3 Connectors send products far and wide, providing electrical equipment globally. In the past we have been able to support major sporting events in Australia, Russia, Korea, and South America. 
Who do our products help?  
Not only are our products globally used, they’re used by a variety of different companies and organisations. As a result, we are globally recognised as being able to deliver when it matters. When failure, cancellation and delay are not an option – choose Phase 3 Connectors.

It’s in our name.

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